It's not always practical to build a new house Maybe instead of a new home a creative new version of your existing home is all that is needed. Perhaps a modern updated kitchen, an extra bedroom or bathroom; how about a secondary suit, even the addition of a whole new floor will give you valuable space and dramatically increase the value of your existing home.

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Additions and Renovations

So many older homes in Vancouver suffer from an identity crisis.

On one hand, these houses embody the beautiful old world craftsmanship that so many desire, yet still lack many of the modern features most of us are familiar with.

We can help you update your existing home so that it functions and feels as modern as the newest home on the block but still maintains it's classic roots you fell in love with in the first place.

Let us help you with the evolution of your home - We can show you the possibilities!

Building Relationships On Trust

Westgable Development

No matter how big or small your project, we are committed to giving you practical advise and product best suited for your needs. It's not always about what we're capable of doing but
what we can do for you that's most important.

A coach house is a great way to help pay down your mortgage.
Our coach houses can demand a maximum rental rate which could ease the burden

of your mortgage payments for years to come.